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Connect, Protect, Consolidate

ARPA threshold BLS network can serve as the infrastructure of verifiable random number generator (RNG), secure wallet, cross-chain bridge, decentralized custody etc.


Anyone can run a node for ARPA Network. By enabling a decentralized network through prudent technical and token economics design, our threshold signature service doesn’t rely on a single point of trust.


ARPA Network consists of multiple entities in different regions running individual nodes, making the network tamper-proof from a physical perspective. Moreover, by the nature of cryptography, the signatures are unlikely to be forged or manipulated.


ARPA Network supports various applications utilizing the threshold signature schemes due to its flexible network topology. You can easily customize the signature policy when implementing the ARPA Network and choose security levels catering to different use cases.


All signatures generated by ARPA Network are verified on-chain before fulfilling the request. ARPA Network also allows you to verify your signatures through a verification function with the open-access public key.


ARPA Network adopts an asynchronous non-interactive communication design for the signature generation that guarantees responsive service and high availability. It also computes in parallel to reach higher throughput.


We believe in a multi-chain future. ARPA Network is designed to adapt to multiple blockchains, catering to developers’ needs in the multiverses.

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