ARPA Network is a new system architecture of threshold signature scheme (TSS). With an innovative protocol design and multiple unique mechanisms, ARPA Network adapts the threshold BLS scheme for blockchain.

Asynchronous Communication

We chose the Boneh-Lynn-Shacham (BLS) signature scheme as the underlying cryptographic primitive. In the BLS scheme, the signatures are aggregatable, making the communication between nodes in ARPA Network asynchronous. With this mechanism, ARPA Network will be faster than other infrastructures using the ECDSA scheme, which needs multiple rounds of synchronized communication.

Grouping Mechanism for Higher Throughput

The nodes in ARPA Network are split into multiple groups to handle BLS signature tasks simultaneously. Smart contracts are deployed to manage group info and assign tasks. This parallel design can significantly increase the network’s throughput.

Blockchain Agnostic

ARPA Network baked multi-chain support into the technical structure design, aiding developers in multiple ecosystems.